How to promote your site and also make it sticky

If you have just designed your own site, then you have probably already realised how hard it is to get visitors to it. You are probably also finding that once you get visitors to your site, you are then having problems in making them return back to your site.

Well there are many ways of promoting your site and also making it sticky so that you can receive returning visitors.

To promote your site you can:

5. Write your own reprint articles that are on the same subject/topic as your sites content.

Writing your own articles with your website links contained within your authors bio line is probably one of the best ways to promote your website online. This is because you can add them to some of the article directories where others then can search these article directories and then add your articles to their site, which will then give you credit in return.

Some article submission directories include:

6. Exchange links with other sites

Exchanging links with other sites take up a lot of work but can give you some positive results. This is because exchanging links with other sites will mean that your site will get more exposure across the Web plus your link popularity will increase, which is then most likely to give your website better search engine rankings within some, if not, most of the major search engines.

7. Add your site to some of the free to submit general and specialty web directories

Adding your website to some of the free to submit general and specialty web directories is a good thing as you don’t have to provide a link back to their directory. Submitting your website to free to submit web directories is better than doing link exchanges as your link is more likely to be given higher priority than what it would on a site that has two way linking. A lot of web directories do rather well in some of the major search engines and also has a good Google PR, which means your site should benefit from this.

8. Do SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very important factor to consider when designing your website. This is because in past research it shows that over about 85% of people use search engines first before using anything else to find what they are looking for online. So if your site has poor SEO then you will not do all that well within the major search engines. If you do well with your sites SEO then you are likely to see some good results from the major search engines. Some sites even receive most of their traffic from the major search engines.

To make your site stickier you can:

4. Add games to your website

Adding games to your website is a very good way of making your site stickier. This is because a lot of people like to play games when they are either bored or have nothing much to do. is an example of a site that has got games added to it just so that it can increase its stickiness.

5. Add free reprint articles to your website
If you find it hard to find content to add to your site to make it bigger or stickier then a good thing to consider is reprint articles. This is because these reprint articles can be added to your site for free and it makes your sites content larger, which can then increase the stickiness of your website. You can find some free reprint articles at the following categorized article directories:

6. Add features to your site that many others do not offer

You could look through a large amount of other sites to see what they have to offer. Once you have done that, you can then see what would be a good thing to add to your site in, which many of these other sites don’t offer. For example, offers a product price comparison directory, which is a feature that many other sites across the web do not offer.

Doing something like this where many other sites don’t offer it means that more people are likely to come to your site just to use it.

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