How to Make Website Search Engine Friendly

So many people have asked me how can they bring their website on the top of search engine listing. Well! If you want your website at the top you can start by not making 3 common rookie mistakes. Here take a look at the 3 search engine mistakes which everyone should avoid.


Inadequate Keyword Research

If you’re going to spend hours developing a web site, isn’t it smart to invest some time to insure you’re focusing on the most traffic laden keywords? Typically the plural form of a keyword phrase generates way more traffic than the singular form. Most owners don't bother to do any research to make sure that their website contains what users want. So do your research because you’ll never know for sure unless you research it. Besides, you can access Wordtracker, the tool of choice for what? a measly $7 a day. Even better here’s a quick and dirty way to get the most out of that day.

Search for your target keyword in Google.

Visit the top ranking sites. Use the "View Source" feature of browser to check out the keyword meta tag of each site. You're looking for a site listing lots of keywords there. Do this with each of the top listings or until you find one stuffed to the gills with keywords. Ah-ha! There’s your starting point for your list of likely keyword phrases. Repeat with a couple of other sites and you’ll soon have a long list of candidates to check out in Wordtracker.
Now you’re ready for Wordtracker. Once you’ve compiled your Wordtracker results, you could simply sort by KEI and then by searches per day. That gives you the strongest keywords with the most searches. (And yes, I realize KEI assumes all search engine listings are of equal value. But I did say this was "quick and dirty" didn't I?)
Anyway, once you're sorted your keywords in some way to highlight the most profitable, simply take the top 25 on the list and create content for those first. No, not every one will be a natural born traffic magnet. But enough of them will be to get the dice rolling. Repeat with the next 25. Don’t stop until you have at least 100 pages of hot content.
Remember, two or three word keyword phrases are usually your best bets. And I really like keyword phrases that are actually several keyword phrases in one.


Site Bloat

To avoid losing any precious visitors lose the huge graphics. Graphics of large size takes a lot of time to load even when the connection is decent. And if you have large size graphics and media that means you're repelling users who have slow or mobile connection. So as long as possible try avoiding such large graphics. Then too lose the Flash - unless you have a very good reason for using it. Even then lose the Flash.

If you’re wondering how your site's download time measures up test it here: HTML Code Checker. It won’t cost anything to find out. But a slow loading site can cost you plenty. Because as the Net Mechanics follow up reports says, it's a good idea to keep your page load times under about 12 seconds on a 28.8 modem. Otherwise your visitors will be wearing out the back button trying to escape. 

Too Few Links

Did you know links can account for up to 80% of your success with Google? Yet someone else complained to me about how much work it took to get them. Well! Ever think that maybe that’s why (in part) Google assigns so much value to links? Because you can’t quite as easily game links as you can on page content? Meaning you actually have to work to get links. Both by having link worthy content and by actively seeking them out on a regular basis. It’s a given that most niches require you have a healthy collection of links to be competitive. Yet if you’re lucky enough to be in a niche that doesn’t, but you do, then you can easily dominate those rankings.

Enough said you can easily avoid these three search engine mistakes. Do your keyword homework. Keep your pages on a strict diet. And don't forget link up with as many other quality sites as you can.

Do all that and you’re well on your way to search engine success. Ignore this advice and you’re, well you know, your Google goose is probably cooked. Leaving you perpetually stuck in Google purgatory.

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