How to bring your website on top using sitemaps

Google! one of the Internets most powerful (and developer friendly too) search engines has a free service that makes it easier for you to improve your websites coverage within Google's index through its collaborative crawling system. Although, Google does not 'Guarantee' immediate inclusion, But, is still good news for those of you who have just finished building a website and are ready to submit to the top search engines. So, what's this Google's service called?

Is Google Adword a right tool to promote your website?

As my regular readers will know, I often share my own online experiences in my articles in the hope that it will help some of you. As my regular readers also know, despite the fact that I have achieved a degree of success with my Internet ventures, I can be pretty lazy when it comes to the more mundane aspects of running an online business. It is usually these 'boring' tasks that end up saving or making me large sums of money (when I eventually get around to dealing with them!). One day I will learn..... :-)

This week, the incredibly boring job that I want to talk about is ad-tracking. Now please bear with me on this - I know it isn't the most exciting topic in the world BUT spending (literally) five minutes on this task a month ago is already saving me over $750 a month (that's $9,000 a year!) and there is every possibility that I could end up saving more than double that amount!

How to Bring More Traffic to Your Blog

There are many factors that make blogs much better than normal Web Pages including the speed at which blogs are indexed, ability to submit to blog directories & normal directories, pings and track backs. All these little things can help drive more traffic to blogs. Here are 15 popular techniques you can use:

Easy Way to Generate Google Sitemap Fast

The best and easy way to have your website indexed is by submitting a sitemap to the search engine like Google.

How to Get Website Indexed Fast

The biggest problem that most website owners/developers are running into seems to do with getting into the search engines. Rankings aside, you need to first get them to index you. Here are the four main ways to assure yourself fast indexing:

How to Increase your Website Traffic and Search Engine Positioning by Articles?

You've probably heard by now that article marketing can help you build links back to your site.

But there's a lot more to it than that. Articles aren't only good for leveraging yourself stronger positions in Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other big search engines, though that's what we'll be focusing on today. Keep in mind that learning a more balanced view of promotion and marketing with articles can help you reap all the perks with essentially the same amount of work.

How to Make Website Search Engine Friendly

So many people have asked me how can they bring their website on the top of search engine listing. Well! If you want your website at the top you can start by not making 3 common rookie mistakes. Here take a look at the 3 search engine mistakes which everyone should avoid.